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Tetramesa longicornis

Tetramesa longicornis (Walker, 1832)

on Phalaroides

Tetramesa longicornis: larva

larva; from Claridge (1961a)

Tetramesa longicornis: opened gall on Phalaroides arundinacea

Phalaroides arundinacea, France, dép. Ardennes, Signy-le-Petit, © Sébastien Carbonnelle


one to four larvae live in an single internode, without causing swelling. Two generations; the larva of the second generation hibernate in the dead culms.

host plants

Poaceae, monophagous

Phalaroides arundinacea.

A reference to Festuca by Dauphin & Aniotsbehere must be erroneous.


Harmolita, Tetramesa depressa (Walker, 1832); ; ? Isosoma adpressum Walker: Tavares; I. depressum.


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Last modified 20.iii.2021