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Tetramesa maritima

Tetramesa maritima (Hedicke, 1921)

on Elymus

Tetramesa maritima galls on Elytrigia juncea subsp. boreoatlantica

Elytrigia juncea subsp. boreoatlantica, Cadzand © Arnold Grosscurt

Tetramesa maritima gall

opened gall

Tetramesa hyalipennis: gall on Elytrigia juncea

Elytrigia juncea, France, dép Nord, Dukerque, dunes de la Digue du Braeck © Sébastien Carbonnelle


The top 3-4 internodes are very strongly shortened, their lateral walls are thickened, and the transverse walls in the nodes have disappeared. The leaf sheaths form an elliptic mass, the leaf blades are practically lost. in the cavity of the internodes a single larva.

host plants

Poaceae, narrowly monophagous

Elytrigia juncea.


Harmolita hyalipennis f maritima. Dawah and Henneicke a.o. consider maritima an invalid synonym of T. hyalipennsis.


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Last modified 23.iv.2023