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Tetramesa phragmitis

Tetramesa phragmitis Erdős, 1952

on Phragmites


Up to ten, sometimes even more elliptic gall chambers, each one with a single larva, in the upper part of the culm.


Poaceae, monophagous

Phragmites australis.


In his key to the gall makers of Phragmites, Buhr mentions a “Tetramesa [Isthmosoma] phragmitidis (schldl)”; its description closely matches the one of T. phragmitis. I have not been able to find a publication by von Schlechtendal where this name is published. The name is not known to PESI (2017). The few recent usages to the name all seem to stem back to Buhr’s book. Most probably Buhr, while making a reference to a page in Houard (1908:74) mixed up “Isosoma” and “Tarsonemus phragmitidis SCHL.” a few lines higher up.


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