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Andricus coronatus

Andricus coronatus (Giraud, 1859)

on Quercus

Andricus coronatus gall on Quercus robur

Quercus robur (from Houard, 1908a)


Galling of an adventive bud, most often of a previous year’s branch. The gall is dish-shaped, a good cm broad and high, surrounded by a radiating (sometimes double) crown of four or five flattened spines. The fresh gall is yellowish green and covered by sticky resin, 10-12 mm high and 12-15 mm wide. The small gall chamber has an inner gall with a single larve, that pupates in the gall.


Fagaceae, monophagous

Quercus cerris, frainetto, petraea, pubescens, robur.


Cynips coronatus; Cynips coronariade Stefani, 1898.


Only the agamous generation of this species is known.


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