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Andricus multiplicatus

Andricus multiplicatus Giraud, 1859

on Quercus

Andricus multiplicatus galls on Quercus cerris

Quercus cerris, gall (from Houard, 1908a).


Up to 2.5 cm large, strongly hairy, mass at the end of a branch, consisting of the strongly widened cup-like end of the branch and swollen leaf cushions, the whole surrounded by a leaf nest of malformed, dwindling and soon yellowing leaves. Inside a cluster of fused, thin-walled unilocular galls, each with a solitary larva. Pupation within the gall.


Fagaceae, monophagous

Quercus brantii, cerris, x hispanica, libani, robur, suber, trojana.


Regarding the sexual generation see the note under Andricus burgundus.


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