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Andricus shuhuti

Andricus shuhuti Melika, Mutun & Dinç, 2014

on Quercus


conical gall, attached at its broad base to a twig. Gall on a young shoot close to the ground; mostly single, less often up to five together. The young gall is red, ripe it is green, smooth, hairless. The base is 5-20 mm wide, the hight is 10-22 mm. The wall is thin, 1-2 mm thick. Close to the attachment of the otherwise hollow gall a small gall chamber with a single larva, pupa, or emerged imago. The imago hibernates in the gall.

host plants

Fagaceae, narrowly monophagous

Quercus infectoria, vulcanica.


Described from Turkey. Only asexual females were bred from the galls.


Dinç, Mutun & Melika (2014a), Karaca & Katılmış (2020a).

Last modified 27.i.2021