Plant Parasites of Europe

leafminers, galls and fungi

Barbotinia oraniensis

Barbotinia oraniensis (Barbotin, 1964)

on Papaver


In the fruits a small number, usually 1-3 unilocular gall chambers, 3-5mm in size. Parasitised fruits are hardly swollen or disfigured.

host plants

Papaveraceae, monophagous

Papaver argemone, dubium, Hybridum, rhoeas.


Aylax oraniensis Barbotin, 1964.


a picture in Pujade-Villar & Schiopu shows an individual gall with exteriorly ± 10 strong vertical ribs; they are not discussed in the text, but may possibly be a character that distinguishes this gall from the one of Aylax minor.


Parnips nigripes (Barbotin, 1964).


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