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Diplolepis rosae

Diplolepis rosae (Linnaeus, 1758)

bedeguar gall, robin’s pin cushion, mossyrose gall wasp

on Rosa

Diplolepis rosae gall

Rosa, Wellerlooi: usually the galls develop at the end of a branch, and can become quite large then

Diplolepis rosae gall

Rosa rubiginosa, Belgium, prov. Hainaut, Farciennes; © Jean-Yves Baugnée

Diplolepis rosae gall

Rosa, France, La Ciotat: sometimes the galls develop on other organs, like the leaves; they are much smaller then © Hélène Dumas

Diplolepis rosae gall

lateral view

Diplolepis rosae gall

Rosa, Belgium, prov. Namur, Nismes, Fondry des Chiens: detail of the hair cover of the gall

Diplolepis rosae gall

the centre of the gall consists of some tens of chambers, each containing a single larva

Diplolepis rosae larva


Diplolepis rosae larva

larval mouthparts

host plants

Rosaceae, monophagous

Rosa agrestis, arvensis, balsamica, caesia, canina, corymbifera, dumalis, gallica, glauca, inodora, majalis, marginata, micrantha, montana, rubiginosa, sempervirens, sherardii, spinosissima, tomentosa, villosa.


Rhodites rosae.


One of the most conspicuous galls, with real vernacular names like “bedeguar gall” and “robin’s pin cushion”.


Periclistus brandtii – and many others!


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