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Aphelonyx cerricola

Aphelonyx cerricola (Giraud, 1859)

on Quercus

Aphelonyx cerricola: galls on Quercus cerris

Quercus cerris, Hungary, Budapest, Kamaraerdő © László Érsek

Aphelonyx cerricola: galls on Quercus cerris


Aphelonyx cerricola: gall on Quercus cerris

underside of a gall, taken from the branch

Aphelonyx cerricola: ? larva

probably this is the larva of A. cerricola

Aphelonyx cerricola: ? larva


Aphelonyx cerricola: ? inquiline

probably an inquiline

Aphelonyx cerricola: ? inquiline

detail; the larva resembles an ormyrid, as depicted on Gómez ao; however, in that paper A. cerricola is not mentioned as a host.

Aphelonyx cerricola: gall on Quercus cerris

Quercus cerris, Belgium, Bruxelles, Ixelles, Jardin du Roy © Bart Uitterhaegen

Aphelonyx cerricola: galls on Quercus cerris

often several galls together, that may fuse into an irregular mass

Aphelonyx cerricola: old galls

the galls are unilocular


roundish, 1.5 cm large gal on a thin branch and somewhat enclosing it. The fresh gall is pale green and felty-hairy, later it turns light brown, smooth, thick-walled and hard. The spacious gall chamber contains (usually) one inner gall, attached at one point.

host plants

Fagaceae, monophagous

Quercus cerris, x hispanica, ilex, petraea, suber, trojana.


Only the agamous generation is known.


Ceroptres cerri.

parasitoids, predators

Ormyrus nitidulus; Reikosiella rostrata; Sycophila binotata.


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