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Aulacidea hieracii

Aulacidea hieracii (Bouché, 1834)

on Hieracium, Schlagintweitia

Aulacidea hieracii: gall on Hieracium spec.

Hieracium spec., Italy, Valle d’Aosta, Ville sur Sarre, 1300 m, 28.vii.2018 © Cor Zonneveld

Aulacidea hieracii: gall on Hieracium spec.

the suppression of the stem above the gall is virtually complete here.

Aulacidea hieracii: gall on Hieracium spec.

Hieracium spec. © Roelof Jan Koops

Aulacidea hieracii gall

Hieracium lachenalii subsp. cruentifolium, Helenaveen, Broemeerbos

Aulacidea hieracii gall

Hieracium spec., Reusel

Aulacidea hieracii: galls on Hieracium umbellatum

Hiercium umbellatum, Wouwsche Plantage

Aulacidea hieracii: gall on Hieracium sp.

Hieracium spec., Loenen (Ge): oude gal; © Arnold Grosscurt

Aulacidea hieracii: gall on Hieracium sp.

opened gall, with a number of pupae, each in its own cell

Aulacidea hieracii: gall on Hieracium sp.


Aulacidea hieracii larva

Hieracium spec., België, prov. Namen, Couvin, lieu-dit “Roche Albéric” © Stéphane Claerebout: larva


Galls, up to 3 cm in size in the stems; the part of the plant above the gall is usually strongly suppressed. The gall may be smooth, but can also be covered by erect white hairs. A gall contains several white larvae or pupae, each in its own cell. Univoltine, hibernation and pupation in the gall.

host plants

Asteraceae, narrowly oligophagous

Hieracium alpinum, inuloides subsp. tridentatifolium, lachenalii subsp. cruentifolium, eriophorum, laevigatum, maculatum, murorum, racemosum subsp. tenuifolium, robustum, sabaudum & subsp. boreale, subcaesium, tomentosum, umbellatum, virosum; Schlagintweitia intybacea.


Aulacidea pigeoti (Bouché, 1834), A. schlechtendali Rübsaamen, 1896. However, the references to pigeoti in Houard, Buhr and Dauphin & Aniotsbehere must concern A. scorzonerae.


Exeristes roborator; Eupelmus atropurpureus, barai, messene, microzonus, urozonus, vesicularis; Eurytoma cynipsea, hybrida; Ormyrus discolor; Mesopolobus graminum; Pteromalus hieracii, vibulenus; Sycophila flavicollis, submutica; Torymus chloromerus.


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