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Aulacidea tragopogonis

Aulacidea tragopogonis (Thomson, 1877)

on Tragopogon

Aulacidia tragopogonis

gall (from Eady & Quinlan, 1963a)

Aulacidea tragopogonis: galls on Tragopogon pratensis

Tragopogon pratensis, Belgium, Viroinval, Dourbes, RN Montagne-aux-Buis © Stéphane Clarebout

Aulacidea tragopogonis: galls on Tragopogon pratensis


Aulacidea tragopogonis: opened gall

opened gall

Aulacidea tragopogonis: larva in gall

larva in the gall


Small semiglobular galls, usually several together, on the stem near the root collar or on the roots, each with one gall chamber. Larva solitary. Univoltine, pupation and hibernation in the gall.

Roskam, and Redfern & Shirley state that the same species is responsible for elongate flower heads. Because other sources do not mention this, confirmation is needed.

host plants

Asteraceae, monophagous

Tragopogon dubius & subsp. major, porrifolius, pratensis & subsp. orientalis.


the larva is described by Gómez Sanchez (2008a).


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