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Isocolus scabiosae

Isocolus scabiosae (Giraud, 1859)

on Centaurea

Isocolus scabiosae: gall on Centaurea orientalis

Centaurea orientalis, Romania, Iași county, Valea lui David Natural Reserve, vii.2019 © Alex Pintilioaie

Isocolus scabiosae: gall on Centaurea spec.

Centaurea spec., Poland, Owczary, 13.iv.2019 @ Sébastien Carbonelle

Isocolus scabiosae: gall on Centaurea scabiosa

Centaurea scabiosa, galls (from Houard, 1909a)

Isocolus scabiosae: gall

gall (from Eady & Quinlan, 1963a)


Fusiform, fleshy, multilocular swelling of the stem, up to 5 cm large. Univoltine, pupation and hibernation in the gall.

host plants

Asteraceae, monophagous

Centaurea aspera, jacea, nigra, orientalis, scabiosa & subsp. sadleriana, solstitialis, stoebe.


Aulax scabiosae. See also I. rogenhoferi.


the larva is described by Gómez Sanchez (2008a).


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