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Iraella ionescui

Iraella ionescui Pujade-Villar & Schiopu 2015

on Papaver


unilocular swelling of the stem, jus above the soil. The gall measures 4-5 mm, somes forming a cm large cluster. The fresh gall is light green, older ones are light brown; the gall is densely white-hairy. The plant above the gall is more or less withered. Univoltine; the larva pupates in autumn and hibernates in a cocoon inside the gall.


Papaveraceae, monophagous

Papaver (dubium), rhoeas.


Eupelmus atropurpureus, barai, messene, vesicularis; Parnips nigripes; Trichomalus tenellus.


species described from Romania.


Fusu (2017a), Pujade-Villar & Schiopu (2015a).

Last modified 21.v.2022