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Andricus amblycerus

Andricus amblycerus (Giraud, 1859)

on Quercus, agamous generation

Andricus amblycerus: gall

gall (from Houard, 1908a)


Bud gall on both lateral and terminal buds. The unilocular gall is 4-6 mm long, its wall is lined with a short velvet. The gall consists of a swollen lower part that bears some five blunt upwards and outwards directed processes; in their centre a small papilla, surrounded by a ring of hairs. No inner gall.

host plants

Fagaceae, monophagous

Quercus cerris, frainetto, infectoria, petraea & subsp. iberica, pubescens, robur, suber.

distribution within Europe

PESI (2024).


Cynips amblycera.


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