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Andricus polycerus

Andricus polycerus (Giraud, 1859)

on Quercus

Andricus polycerus on Quercus spec.

Quercus spec., Italy, prov. Abruzzo, Fontecchio (comuni), 19.ix.2023 © Frank Coulier

Andricus polycerus on Quercus spec.

gall from the side

Andricus polycerus on Quercus spec.

gall from above

Andricus polycerus on Quercus spec.

same locality, another sample

Andricus polycerus on Quercus spec.

another image

Andricus polycerus: galls

gall, with a length section and at richt two somewhat less current forms (from Houard, 1908a).


Galling of an adventive bud of a shoot that is not covered by litter or soil. The gall is cone standing on its tip, 1.5 cm high and about as wide above. The top is dish-shaped with a central nipple, and along its rim 3-5 broadly extending flattened spines of variable length, up to about one cm long. In the gall chamber a large, stone-hard inner gall with a coarsely ribbed surface. Larva solitary, pupating in the gall.

host plants

Fagaceae, monophagous

Quercus dalechampii, frainetto, infectoria, petraea, pubescens, robur.


The sexual stage develops in cryptic bud galls.


Cynips polycera; C. subterranea Giraud, 1859; C. transversa Kieffer, 1897; C. trinacriae Stefani, 1906.

distribution within Europe

PESI (2024).


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