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Diastrophus mayri

Diastrophus mayri Reinhard, 1876

on Potentilla

Diastrophus mayri: galls on Potentilla argentea

Potentilla argentea, galls (from Houard, 1908a)

Diastrophus mayri: gall on Potentilla argentea

Poland, Bialowieza, Siemianowka Lake, 27.viii.2018 © Jerry Bowdrey

Diastrophus mayri: old gall on Potentilla argentea

old gall

Diastrophus mayri: old galls on Potentilla argentea

old galls, top one cut lengthwise. About the galls Jerry wrote: “Although the galls were old, I was able to extract two dead adult gall wasps from the gall, they had the large basal lobe of the tarsal claws characteristic of Diastrophus and distinguishing them from Xestophanes.”


1-3 cm long, irregular-fusiform, multilocular swelling of the stem, generaly high in the plant. In each cell one larva of pupa.


Rosaceae, monophagous

Potentilla argentea, grandiflora, heptaphylla, inclinata, supina, wimanniana.

parasitoids, predators

Eupelmus barai, messene, vesicularis; Eurytoma petrosa; Glyphomerus tibialis; Ormyrus gratiosus, rufimanus.


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