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Diplolepis nervosa

Diplolepis nervosa (Curtis, 1838)

spike pea gall wasp

on Rosa

Diplolepis nervosa gall

Rosa sp., België, prov. Liège, Teril de Belle-Vue © Jean-Yves Baugnée

Diplolepis nervosa gall

Rosa canina, Belgium, prov. Liège, Ocquier; © Chris Snyers

Rosa sp., Rijckholt, Savelsbosch

Diplolepis nervosa gall

Rosa spec., Dronten; © Arnold Grosscurt

Diplolepis nervosa opened gall

opened gall

Diplolepis nervosa: gall on Rosa spec.

Rosa spec., Loenen (ge.) © Arnold Grosscurt: strangely aberrant gall


This gall comes in two forms: with spines (and is unmistakable then) but also completely smooth (and then without breeding undistinguishable from Diplolepis eglanteriae). Univoltine; hibernation and pupation in the gall.

host plants

Rosaceae, monophagous

Rosa agrestis, arvensis, balsamica, caesia, canina, centifolia, corymbifera, glauca, majalis, mollis, montana, moyesii, pousinii, rubiginosa, sempervirens, spinosissima, villosa.


Diplolepis, Rhodites, centifoliae Hartig, 1840; dispar Niblett, 1943; kiefferi Loiselle, 1912; rosarum Giraud, 1859.


Hans Jonkman found in the Roggebotbos (province of Flevoland), next to the typical D. nervosa galls also numerous aberrant galls. They belonged to the D. eglanteriae type (without large spines) but differed in being covered with glandular hairs, that often were connected by low ridges. In older galls the glandular hairs had been transformed into low warts.

Diplolepis nervosa

Rosa spec., Dronten, Roggebotbos © Hans Jonkman: typical D. nervosa

Diplolepis nervosa + D. spec.

a typical nervosa and some unknown galls of the eglanteriae type.

Diplolepis ? eglanteriae

eglanteriae type

Diplolepis ? eglanteriae

eglanteriae type with low ridges

Diplolepis ? eglanteriae

here the ridges are more clearly expressed

Diplolepis ? eglanteriae

old (?) gall with low warts

Diplolepis nervosa: gall on Rosa spec.

the same unusual type of gall, in the same forest, but photo taken by another observer (© Arnold Grosscurt) and four years earlier (2013)


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