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Isocolus lichtensteini

Isocolus lichtensteini (Mayr, 1882)

on Centaurea, Mantisalca

Isicolus lichtensteini gall

gal; (“Isocolus tavaresi”, from Nieves-Aldrey, 1984a)


Hard swellings of the stem, irregular, fusiform, or globular in shape, op to 3 cm large, containing several gall chambers. Univoltine, hibernation and pupation in the gall.

host plants

Asteraceae, narrowly oligophagous

Centaurea aspera & subsp. stenophylla, melitensis; Mantisalca salmantica.


Aulax lichtensteini; Isocolus ibericus Tavares, 1927; Aukax, Isocolus, latreillei auctorum; Isocolus tavaresi Nieves-Aldrey, 1984.


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