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Trigonaspis synaspis

Trigonaspis synaspis (Hartig, 1841)

on Quercus, agamous generation


globular to obconical gall with a diameter of 5-7 mm at the underside of the leaf; the gall tissue is juicy, but the gall chamber is surrounded by a hard layer.

primary host plants

Fagaceae, monophagous

Quercus lusitanica, petraea, pubescens, robur.

on Quercus, sexual generation


indistinguishable from the gall of the sexual generation of Trigonaspis megaptera. At least in the Netherlands synaspis is the more rare species by far; also the galls of synaspis are hidden more deeply in the leaf litter (Roskam).

primary host plants

Fagaceae, monophagous

Quercus petraea, pubescens, robur.


Trigonaspis megapteropsis Wriese, 1900.


Synergus physoceras, thaumacerus.

parasitoids, predators

Eupelmus vesicularis; Eurytoma brunniventris; Mesopolobus graminum; Ormyrus pomaceus; Torymus fastuosus, geranii.


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