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Fenusa dohrnii larva

Fenusa dohrnii

Fenusa dohrnii larva

Alnus glutinosa, Diemen; head and thorax dorsal

Fenusa dohrnii larva

head and thorax ventral

thoracal leg 2

Pigmentation is weak. The feet consist of several joints, and are light brown in colour. The larvae are described by Lorenz & Kraus (1957a), Smith (1971a), and Pieronek (1973a).

The pale colour of the larva and its long and slender feet are the surest characters to diferentiate this mine form the one of Heterarthrus vagans that (at least in the Netherlands) is even more common on Alder.

Alnus glutinosa, Ede: sternum of a very young larva; the pigmentation is relatively much stronger


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