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Fenusa pumila larva

larve lat

Betula pendula, Gortelse Berg


Betula pubescens, Amstelveen: sternum


Betula pendula, Lattrop: thoracic foot

Abdominal feet present (seen easiest from the side). Prosternum with a large quadrangular spot; lesser, more rounded spots on meso- and metasternum and ventrally on the first abdominal segment. In the final, 6th, instar (the prepupa), when the larva has stopped feeding and prepares to leave the mine, the pigmentation is lost. Thoral feet relatively slender (©). See Ripper (1931a), Lindquist (1959a), Lorenz & Kraus (1957a) and Smith (1971a, 1987a) for further details of the larvae.

Like in almost all mining sawflies the larva lies belly-up in its mine.

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