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Scolioneura tirolensis

Scolioneura tirolensis (Enslin, 1914)


A large, full depth blotch that starts at the leaf margin, finally occupying a large part of the leaf. Pupation external.


Salicaceae, monophagous

Salix aurita, caprea, foetida, hastata, helvetica, myrsinifolia, waldsteiniana.

distribution within Europe

Alps, 800-2300 m (Liston, 2007b).


illustrated by Liston (2007b). Like all species of the genus, the larva has a row of conspicuous black spots laterally on the abdominal segments.


Hering (1957a) didn’t know this species, and his description of the mine of Fenusella wuestneii may therefore refer to a mix of both species.


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