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Euura brevicornis

Euura brevicornis (Förster, 1854)

on Salix

Euura brevicornis: gall on Salix cinerea

Salix cinerea, Dronten, IJslander, 8.iii.2019 © Arnold Grosscurt

Euura brevicornis:  larva

opened gall with larva

Euura brevicornis: gall on Salix cinerea

Salix cinerea, Mierlo, Wolfsven, 2.ix.2012 © Arnold Grosscurt

Euura brevicornis gall

Salix cinerea, Lettele, Oostermaat, 19.vii.2007; upper side

Euura brevicornis gall


Euura brevicornis gall

other specimen, same host and locality

Euura brevicornis larva

larva in opened gall

Euura brevicornis larva



Globular gall, attached at one point to the underside of the leaf blade. The gall is hairy, yellowish-green. Univoltine.

host plants

Salicaceae, narrowly monophagous

Salix cinerea, cinerea x caprea.

Rarely also S. aurita.


Eupontania, Pontania, brevicornis; Pontania pedunculi auctorum, incl. Kopelke (1999a), Roskam (2009a); Pontania carpentieri Konow, 1907.


Member of the Euura viminalis species group.


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