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Euura destricta

Euura destricta (MacGillivray, 1923)

on Salix

Euura destricta: galls on Salix pentandra

Salix pentandra, UK, Orkney @ Derek Mayes

Euura destricta: galls on Salix pentandra

many galls!

Euura destricta: feeding traces on Salix pentandra

feeding traces

Euura destricta: larva

larva, dorsal

Euura destricta: larva

younger larva, lateral, to show the mottled feet


leaf margin, generally at one side only, sharply folded downwards, leaving only a narrow space between the undersides. The leaf is not twisted lengthwise.

host plants

Salicaceae, narrowly monophagous

Salix glauca, pentandra, phylicifolia.

Maybe also, perhaps occasionally, S. lapponum and myrtylloides.


Phyllocolpa carinifrons (Benson, 1940); Phyllocolpa plicaglauca Kopelke, 2007; Phyllocolpa, Pontania, excavata auctorum.


Third abdominal segment with 4 dorsal annulets, 1-3 with setae. Suranal plate with widely separated pseudocerci. Last two segments dorsally with black markings, head almost black, thoracic legs marked with black.


On the top two picture it appears that locally the galls were very numerous. Derek Mayes told me that this was the case at least during the last four years. This perhaps explains why, contrary to what is stated in the literature, both sides of the leaf commonly are galled. As the lower of the two pictures demonstrates, the gall may appear as a sharp fold, but also as an inrolled leaf margin.


Member of the Euura oblita species group.


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