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Euura polita

Euura polita (Zaddach, 1883)

on Salix

Euura polita: gall on Salix purpurea

Salix purpurea, Zeeland, Braakman © Tineke Cramer; from Mol (2013a)


The leaf margin at one side of the leaf is sharply folded downwards, forming a quite flat tube that is open at both ends. (No spinning is involved here!) The solitary larva can leave the gall to feed on the leaf; usually this happens at the distal side.


Salicaceae, narrowly monophagous

Salix purpurea, purpurea x silesiaca.


Third abdominal segment with 4 dorsal annulets; 1–3 with setae. Suranal plate with widely separated pseudocerci; they are small, apically dark. Segments 9 and 10 each with a dorsal pair of black spots.


Phyllocolpa polita.


Member of the Euura oblita species group.


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