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Euura scotaspis

Euura scotaspis (Förster, 1854)

on Salix

Euura scotaspis galls

Salix viminalis, Millingerwaard

Euura scotaspis gall



The solitary larva lives in the downwards rolled leaf margin, that has become a narrow tube. Only on the base of the larva the gall can be distinguished from those of E. anglica or piliserra; the identification of the pictures above therefore is not certain!

host plants

Salicaceae, narrowly monophagous

Salix viminalis.

According to Beneš (2015a) also S. gmelinii and schwerinii.


Third abdominal segment with 4 dorsal annulets; 1–3 with setae. Suranal plate with widely separated, small, pseudocerci, but without black markings.


Phyllocolpa, Pontania, scotaspis.


Member of the Euura oblita species group.


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