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Euura vesicator

Euura vesicator (Bremi-Wolf, 1849)

on Salix

Euura vesicator: gall on Salix purpurea

Salix purpurea, Noord-Brabant, Werkendam © Tineke Cramer; from Mol (2013a)

Euura vesicator gall on Salix purpurea

Salix purpurea, Oostvoorne

Euura vesicator gall opened

gall, opened

Euura vesicator larva



Gall smooth and shining, about equally protruding above and below. Up to four galls per leaf. Bivoltine.

host plants

Salicaceae, narrowly monophagous

Salix purpurea.


Abdominal segments 1-8 with 4 dorsal annulets. Suranal plate with minute pseudocerci, very close to one another. Body without black marks.


Euura, Pontania, vesicator.


as inquilines, but often also as predators, several weevils live in the galls: Archarias crux and A. salicivorus. See also the totrticid Gypsonoma dealbana


Member of the Euura viminalis species group.


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