Plant Parasites of Europe

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Emmelina monodactyla

Emmelina monodactyla (Linnaeus, 1758)

common plume, moning-glory plume moth

on Calystegia, Convolvulus, Ipomoea


Larvae live freely on and in the flowers and on the leaves.

host plants

Convolvulaceae, oligophagous

Calystegia sepium, soldanella; Convolvulus althaeoides, avensis, cantabrica, floridus; Ipomoea batatas.

The many records of other, unrelated plants may perhaps partly be explained by the manner in which Convolvulaceae are intertwined with other plants.

distribution within Europe

(PESI, 2019).

larva, pupa

Pictures on Lepiforum. See also Nel (1996a), Patočka & Turčáni.


Pterophorus monodactylus .


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