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Chamaesphecia masariformis

Chamaesphecia masariformis (Ochsenheimer, 1808)

on Scrophularia, Verbascum

Chamaesphecia masariformis: male

Greece, Lefkas, Katouna, © Laurens van der Linde: male

Chamaesphecia masariformis: female


Chamaesphecia masariformis

lateral view


The larva bores in the stem, strongly weakening or even killing the plant. In the autumn the base of the stem is cut off; in the spring pupation takes place in the stump.

host plants

Scrophulariaceae, oligophagous

Scrophularia canina; Verbascum lycnitis, nigrum, pulverulentum, sinuatum.

distribution within Europe

(PESI, 2018).

egg, larva, pupa

see Lepiforum.


Chamaesphecia odyneriformis (Herrich-Schäffer, 1846).


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