Plant Parasites of Europe

leafminers, galls and fungi

Paranthrene insolitus

Paranthrene insolitus (Le Cerf, 1924)

on Quercus


The larva bores in oak branches of a few cm thick. Because the the tunnel is quite short it is thought that the larva lives on plant sap. Pupation in the gallery.

host plants

Fagaceae, monophagous

Quercus petraea, robur.


De larva lives for two or three years. Pupation in spring in a parchment-like cocoon (but according to Laštůvka & Laštůvka no cocoon is made).

distribution within Europe

(PESI, 2018).

larva, pupa

Larva and pupa are extensively described by Bąkowski, Blasius.


Paranthrene insolita auct; P. novaki (Toševski, 19787).


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