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Synanthedon flaviventris

Synanthedon flaviventris (Staudinger, 1883)

sallow clearwing

on Salix


Like in most Sesiidae, the larva tunnels in wood that previously has been damaged, either by mechanical causes or by other wood-boring larvae, or in cankers caused by fungi or bacteria. Mostly in pencil-thick shoots. Sometimes the larva makes a circular gallery around the branch, causing then a pear-shaped swelling. Pupation in the tunnel, without a cocoon. Often the exuvium remains for a long time protruding from the exit opening.

host plants

Salicaceae, oligophagous

Salix aurita, caprea, cinerea, x fragilis, purpurea.

According to Rämisch & Sobczyk mainly Salix cinerea. but according to Bachelard it is S. aurita.


The larva lives two years.

larva, pupa

Larva and pupa are extensively described by Bąkowski.


Sesia flaviventris.


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