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Epinotia tenerana

Epinotia tenerana (Denis & Schiffermüller, 1775)

nut-bud moth

on Alnus, Corylus

Epinotia tenerana: Corylus avellana catkin

Corylus avellana, Flevoland, Reve-Abbertbos © Hans Jonkman; mid February

Epinotia tenerana:  Corylus avellana catkin

extruded frass

Epinotia tenerana: larva

Corylus avellana, Loenen (Ge) © Arnold Grosscurt: broken catkin: the head of the larva is just visible

Epinotia tenerana: larva in catkin


Epinotia tenerana: occupied leaf bud

Corylus avellana. Zeewolde, Harderbos © Hans Jonkman: occupied leaf bud


From autumn till spring the larve lives in a male catkin, causing it to deform somewhat. Eventually the larva moves to a developing bud, entering from the base.

host plants

Betulaceae, oligophagous

Alnus glutinosa; Corylus avellana.

larva, pupa

Pictures on Lepiforum; see also Patočka & Turčáni.


Epiblema, Epinotia, penkleriana auctorum.


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