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Cydia millenniana

Cydia millenniana (Adamczewski, 1967)

breckland piercer

on Larix

Cydia millenniana: trace on Larix decidua

Larix decidua, Germany, North Rhine Westphalia, Warburg-Welda, 17.iii.2019 © Hubertus Trilling

Cydia millenniana: trace on Larix decidua


Cydia millenniana: gall on Larix sp.

Larix sp., Hongarije © György Csóka, Hungary Forest Research Institute,


Shoot gall, mostly in the bifurcation of a two-years old shoot. The boring work of the larva, an off-white or greyish caterpillar, in the twig causes it to swell to sometimes twice its normal diameter. The occupied gall is soft and spongy, vacated ones are hard and dry. Mostly much resin is extruded. The gall is occupied from June till April, May of the second year. Pupation internal. After the gall has been vacated it still may continue to grow considerably, up to th size of a larch cone.

host plants

Pinaceae, monophagous

Larix decidua.


Cydia, Grapholita, Laspeyresia zebeana: Buhr, Houard


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