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Selania leplastriana

Selania leplastriana (Curtis, 1906)

cabbage piercer

Selania leplastriana mine

Moricandia arvensis, Spain; from Hering (1936b)


Normally the larva bores in the stem and side shoots; the frass is elected through a hole in the stem (Bradley ao, 1979a). Hering (1936b, 1957a) found that in Moricandia a broad corridor is made alongside the midrib, that finally widens into a blotch. Pupation external.

host plants

Brassicaceae, oligophagous

Brassica oleracea, tournefortii; Erysimum scoparium; Malcolmia; Moricandia arvensis.


Larvae from September till May (Bradley ao, 1979a).

distribution within Europe

(PESI, 2019).


Body pale bluish green, greyish white or yellowish white; head shining black; prothoracic plate blackish brown; anal plate pale brown; thoracic legs pale green.


Laspeyresia, Grapholitha, vana (Kennel, 1901); Laspeyresia malcolmiae Walsingham, 1903.


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