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Aethes rutilana

Aethes rutilana (Hübner, 1917)

on Juniperus

Aethes rutilana: mines on Juniperus communis

Juniperus communis; from Freeman (1967a)


Before the hibernation the larve mine a number of needles out from the base; copious frass adheres to strands of silk between the needles. Hibernation in a silken tube against a shoot; after hibernation the larvae feed by hollowing out the needles from the concave upper side.

host plants

Cupressaceae, monophagous

Juniperus communis.


Larvae from September till June


yellowish white, head and pronotum light brown; see Schmid, Swatschek.


in a slight cocoon, covered with debris among the needles. See Patočka & Turčáni (2005a).


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