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Somabrachys aegrota

Somabrachys aegrota (Klug, 1830)


fleckmine, obviously without frass; the larva does not mine from a case, but lives free on the leaf and completely enters the mine while feeding. Pupation external.


Cistaceae, monophagous



Mining larvae in March.

distribution within Europe

Spain, Sicily (Fauna Europaea, 2011).


Body greenish yellow with broad red doral and lateral length lines and red tubercles. Hering adds that the larva has 20 feet, which will mean that there are six pairs of abdominal prolegs plus a pair of anal prolegs.


The description above is based on a reference to the North African Somabrachys aegrota ragmata Chr├ętien, 1910 in Hering (1957a). The extrapolation of this subspecies to the European S aegrota may be incorrect, because Beccaloni ao (2011) consider ragmata a synonym of Somabrachys infuscata Klug, 1830.


Hering (1957a).

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