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Coleophora alacanta

Coleophora alacanta Tabell, 2012

on Anthyllis

Coleophora alacanta: case

Anthyllis cytisoides, Spain © Reijo Siloaho; from Tabell, 2012a).


The larva is a leafminer, living in a composite leaf case consisting of four leaf fragments, cut of of vacated mines. The case is 6 mm long, light reddish brown, bivalved, with a mouth angle of 30°.


Fabaceae, narrowly monophagous

Anthyllis cytisoides.


Larva in spring.

distribution within Europe

Spain, incl. Baleares.


The description by Baldizzone, Luquet, Klimesch & Leraut (1981a) of Coleophora rudella was based on a misdentification and actually applied to alacanta.


Tabell (2012a).

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