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Coleophora ciliataephaga

Coleophora ciliataephaga Glaser 1978

on Maireana, Suaeda

Coleophora ciliataephaga case

Kochia ciliata, Spain; from Glaser (1978b)


Tubular silken case of 4.5-6 mm with a mouth angle of 65°. The case has a light sand colour, often it almost white; the wall contains many sand grains. The rear half of the case with some folds that are lighter in colour and contain much less sand grains.

host plants

Amaranthaceae, oligophagous

Maireana ciliata; Suaeda vera.


Cases found from early May till mid-June.

distribution within Europe



Corley, Merckx, Marabuto ao (2013a), Glaser (1978b).

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