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Coleophora cornutella

Coleophora cornutella Herrich-Schäffer, 1861

on Betula, Myrica

Coleophora cornutella case

from Toll (1952a)

Coleophora cornutella: case on Betula pendula

Betula pendula, Amersfoort, lg den Treek-Henschoten, 7.x.2019 © Ben van As

Coleophora cornutella: case

Myrica gale, Belgium, prov. Antwerp, Mol © Carina Van Steenwinkel

Coleophora cornutella: larva protruding


Coleophora cornutella: mines on Myrica gale


Coleophora cornutella: cases on Betula pubescens

Betula pubescens, Belgium, prov. Antwerp, Mol © Carina Van Steenwinkel

Coleophora cornutella: cases on Betula pubescens

young case: the hairyness of the plant creates special problems


Bivalved lobe case. The front end is very broad, the rear end strongly narrowed and strongly curved downwards. Length 7-7.5 mm, mouth angle c. 30°. Most cases at the underside of the leaf (Carina Van Steenwinkel, in litt., Kolbeck ao)

host plants

Betulaceae, narrowly polyphagous

Betula pubescens; Myrica gale.


Larvae from September till May.


BE recorded (De Prins, 1984a; Phegea, 2009).

NE recorded (Kuchlein & de Vos, 1999a;, 2009).

LUX not recorded (Fauna Europaea, 2009).

distribution within Europe

From Fennoscandia to the Pyrenees and Alps. and from France to Romania (Fauna Europaea, 2009).


Coleophora cornuta Heinemann & Wocke, 1876.


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