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Coleophora feoleuca

Coleophora feoleuca Baldizzone, 1989

Coleophora feoleuca

From Baldizzone (1989c)

Coleophora feoleuca case on Salsola webii

Salsola webbii, Spain, Almeria, Enix © Pete & Ginny Clarke; identification confirmed by Huo van der Wolf, based on bred material

Coleophora feoleuca case on Salsola webii

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Light to dark brown composite leaf case, made up of 2-3 elements. The case is extremeley slender and 11-14 mm long. Mouth angle c. 45°. Anal end irregularly bivalved.


Amaranthaceae, oligophagous

Salsola oppositifolia, webbii; Suaeda altissima.

distribution within Europe

Spain (Fauna Europaea, 2010).


Earlier pictures on this site, taken at almost the same locality on Salsola oppositifolia, showed shorter, much more compact cases. Probably, but as yet insufficiently certainly, these represented the youth cases of the species.


Baldizzone (1989c).


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