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Coleophora festivella

Coleophora festivella Toll, 1952

Coleophora festivella case on Lotus cyttisoides

from Toll (1962a)

Coleophora festivella: case, dorsal

Lotus cytisoides, Malta © Michael Zerafa, case, dorsal

Coleophora festivella: case, lateral

same case, lateral

Coleophora festivella: case, ventral

and ventral


very untidy, dorsoventrally compressed lobe case, consisting of 5-7 large leaf fragments, cut out from the upper side of the leaf. Mouth angle 0°-10°.


Fabaceae, monophagous

Lotus cytisoides.

distribution within Europe

Algeria, southern Spain, Malta.


light green; head, thoracic feet and thoracic shields black. Mesothoracic shields reduced to two black spots.


Baldizzone & van der Wolf (2000a), Scholz (1996a), Zerafa (2015a).

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