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Coleophora frischella

Coleophora frischella (Linnaeus, 1758)

white-clover case-bearer



According to UKmoths Emmet ao have erroneously synonymised frischella met C. alcyonipennella; unfortunately a source is not given. The two species can be separated only on the base of the genitalia. The larva feeds in the seeds, living in a seed case.

According to Emmet ao: Trifolium (Fabaceae).

According to many other authors: Carduus; Carlina; Centaurea; Cirsium; Saussurea; Scabiosa; Serratula tinctoria.

distribution within Europe

All of Europe, not in the Benelux. (PESI, 2018). However, because of the confused nomenclature and the uncertainty around the host plants this general picture is unreliable.


The systematics of the “Coleophora trifolii group” is very complex, and full of misidentifications and confusion. Stübner has made a revision of the group, but has disregarded the biology.

parasitoids, predators

Pteromalus semotus.


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