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Coleophora glaucicolella

Coleophora glaucicolella Wood, 1892

grey rush case-bearer

on Juncus


The young larva lives within a fruit, consuming the seeds. Only in its second instar it starts constructing a tubular silken case, gradually increasing in length. The final is is pale buff to greyish, 5-6 mm long, with a mouth angle of 0°-10°.

host plants

Juncaceae, monophagous

Juncus acutus, articulatus, conglomeratus, effusus, gerardi, inflexus, maritimus, subulatus.

A reference to Juncus bufonius by Zimmermann & Skala possibly applies to Coleophora lassella.

Larvae that still need to feed after hibernation are sometimes found on Luzula multiflora.


Larvae from September; hibernation as (generally full-fed) larva; pupation in June-July,
still in the case.

distribution within Europe

Entire Europe.


Cases and larvae are indistinguishable from those of C. alticolella. However, as appears from the list of host plants, more a species of saline habitats.


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