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Coleophora hungariae

Coleophora hungariae Gozmány, 1955

on Camphorosma

Coleophora hungariae: case

Coleophora hungariae: cas

Coleophora hungariae: cas

youth case, intermediate stage and final case; from Kasy (1959a).


Larve in the inflorescence, feeding on the ripening seeds. The final case is yellowish brown or reddish brown, 6 mm long, trivalved, with a mouth angle of 45°.


Amaranthaceae, monophagous

Camphorosma annua.


Larvae from October. The full-grown larvae burrow in the soil, still in their case, and pupate there.

distribution within Europe

(PESI, 2018).


Eupista hungariae.


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