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Coleophora hydrolapathella

Coleophora hydrolapathella Hering, 1921

water-dock case-bearer

on Rumex

Coleophora hydrolapathella: case

Rumex hydrolapathum (from Fuglewicz & Fuglewicz)


Larva in a slender, 7-8 mm long, trivalved tubular silken case with a mouth angle of 0°-10°. The larva eats the ripening fruits.

host plants

Polygonaceae, narrowly monophagous

Rumex hydrolapathum.


Larvae in August-September. When a larva is full fed it attaches the case on a stem of the host plant and enters diapause.

distribution within Europe

West and Central Europe north of the line Britain-Romania (PESI, 2018).



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