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Coleophora limosipennella

Coleophora limosipennella (Duponchel, 1843)

dark elm case-bearer

Coleophora limosipennella: case on Ulmus

Ulmus, Belgium, Antwerp © Guido De Prins

Coleophora limosipennella: case on Ulmus

another specimen

Coleophora limosipennella: case on Ulmus glabra

Ulmus glabra, Belgium, prov. Antwerp, Meerhout; © Carina Van Steenwinkel

Coleophora limosipennella: case

Ulmus minor, Amsterdam, Vliegenbos

Coleophora limosipennella: youth mines

Ulmus minor, Duin en Kruidberg: excision for the initial cases

Coleophora limosipennella: youth mines


Coleophora limosipennella: youth mineColeophora limosipennella: young case

juvenile mine, very young case


Oviposition generally in a vein axil. From there a short, relatively wide corridor is made that quickly widens into an elliptic blotch. Much of the frass is ejected through the hole that the larva has made to bore itself into the leaf (in C. badiipennella, on the same hostplant, the frass remains within the mine (Emmet, Langmaid, Bland ao, 1996a]). This blotch is excised to make the juvenile case. The full grown larva lives in a brown spathulate leaf case of 9-11.5 mm; its rear end is bivalved. Mouth angle 0°-20°; just behind the mouth the case shows a conspicuous bend.

host plants

Ulmaceae, monophagous

Ulmus glabra, minor.

Recorded by Buhr (1935a) and Hartig (1939a) from Alnus incana and glutinosa; xenophagy?


The larvae are fully developed in June-July (Emmet ao, 1996a).


BE recorded (Phegea, 2008).

NE recorded (Kuchlein & de Vos, 1999a;, 2008).

LUX not recorded (Fauna Europaea, 2008).

distribution within Europe

From Scandinavia and Finland to the Pyrenees, Italy and the Balkan Peninsula, and from the UK to the Baltic States and Romania (Fauna Europaea, 2008).



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