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Coleophora moehringiae

Coleophora moehringiae Burmann, 1967

Lepidoptera, Coleophoridae


Rather small, brown to ochre, trivalved, tubular silken case. Behind the mouth a clear bend; mouth opening with a weak flange; mouth angle c. 30°. Ventrally a more or less high sharp keel. Laterally a large number of weak diagonal ridges running rearwards. Dorsally two clear, rearwards diverging, ribs over the full length of the case.


Caryophyllaceae, narrowly monophagous

Moehringia glaucovirens.


Mid-May and early June both full grown and young larvar were seen; the species needs two years for its development.

distribution within Europe

Italian Alps, 1700-1800 m.


Burmann (1967a).


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