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Coleophora niveiciliella

Coleophora niveiciliella Hofmann, 1877

on ? Lavandula

Colophora niveiciliella: case

case (from Baldizzone, 1988b)


Of this species a case is known, but there is no further information about its biology. Based on the synonymy with C. maneella its host plant is “probably Lavandula spica“. According to thr Euro+Med PlantBase (2018)
this can refer to either Lavandula angustifolia or latifolia.

distribution within Europe

(PESI, 2018).


Coleophora edithae Gozm√°ny, 1951; C. editae; C. maneella Toll, 1962.


Baldizzone (1988b), Baldizzone & Buvat (1983a), Toll (1962a).

Last modified 17.ii.2018