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Coleophora obviella

Coleophora obviella Rebel, 1914

Coleophora obviella case

from Toll (1962a)


The final case (after hibernation) is a greyish black sheath case of c. 12 mm, with a mouth angle of c. 20°. The anal end of the case is slightly bent downwards. There is a narrow ventral keel, that towards the rear is somewhat lighter in colour.

host plants

Polyphagous (?)

Leontopodium nivale subsp. alpinum; Primula auricula.

According to Toll (1962a) it was Klimesch’ opinion that the two plant species mentioned above were the hostplants. I have found no publication of Klimesch to this effect. Baldizzone (1979a) doubts the reality of these associations, and indeed they form a singular combination taxonomically.


Larvae from June till May (Hering, 1957a).

distribution within Europe

From Czechia to Italy and Albania (Fauna Europaea, 2010).


Although not discussed in Baldizzone ao (2006a) it is virtually certain that “Coleohora auriculae Klimesch”, that is described by Hering (1957a) as a miner on Leontopodium and Primula, is a junior synonym of obviella. I have found no publication by Klimesch in which he uses this name (see also Gusenleitner, 1998a); seemingly therefore, Hering is the real author of the name. However, Hering (1957a: pag. 609 and 824) does describe only the mine and the case, not the larva. Since, according to the Code of Nomenclature, description of “the work of an animal” after 1930 does not constitute a valid nomenclatural action, the name auricula Hering is unavailable.


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