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Coleophora otidipennella

Coleophora otidipennella (Hübner, 1817)

wood-rush case-bearer

on Luzula

Coleophora otidipennella: case on Luzula campestris

Luzula campestris, Belgium, prov. Limbourg, Kinrooi, Groot Broek © Carina Van Steenwinkel


The final case is a tubular silken case, 5.5-6 mm lang, trivalved, with a mouth angle of 10°-15°; the colour is light brown, with some darker granules, dorsally, near the mouth opening.


Juncaceae, monophagous

Luzula campestris, multiflora, pilosa.


Cases in June-July on the host plant. The full fed larva then leaves the plant for the winter diapause and, ultimately the pupation.

distribution within Europe

Entire Europe (PESI, 2018).


Coleophora murinipennella Duponchel, 1844.


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